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No longer a need to cut with a scalpel during certain procedures, we can use our electrosurgery unit and there will be virtually no bleeding.

CONMED HYFRECATOR® 2000. The HYFRECATOR® was introduced in 1937 and has become the world leader in office-based electrosurgery. With the latest model the hyfrecator® 2000, CONMED has refined the concept and utilized today’s technology to produce the finest machine of its kind. Safe and simple to use, the Hyfrecator® 2000 has a wide range of application.. The Hyfrecator® 2000’s state of the art electronic circuitry utilizes two microprocessors to provide unsurpassed output power accuracy and patient safety. Whether it’s full power for broad surface coagulation, or low power in one-tenth watt increments for delicate facial procedures, the Hyfrecator® 2000 provides the precision you demand. Internal self-diagnostic tests are performed every time you turn on the Hyfrecator® 2000 and the power output is monitored continuously during operation. This makes the HYyfrecator® 2000 one of the safest office-based electrosurgery units in the world. Compatible with your existing Hyfrecator® accessories, such as bipolar forceps and reusable electrodes, the Hyfrecator® 2000 features an ergonomic design and contemporary style that complements modern office decor.

The Hyfrecator has been the #1 product of choice by physicians in office based electrosurgery for over 60 years. It has a remote control handpiece to change power settings, maintain the sterile field & decrease procedural time. Dual microprocessors (one to control function & the second to terminate activation if a hazard or safety issue is detected.

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